Relocation Tour Colombia

Relocation Tour Colombia

There are many reasons to more and more people are considering a move to Colombia. The beautiful year-round spring like climate, Quality of Life, nice people, low cost of living, rich cultural history are several reasons why Colombia is the fourth most popular country to retire.

Leaving your own home country is a big step and this step should be considered carefully. We understand the uncertainties and fear that comes with relocating overseas. That is why we have partnered with Make Medellin Yours, to give foreigners information and the experience they need prior to making a decision to relocate or retire.

You can certainly get a first impression during a holiday stay, but too many important questions remain unanswered. What is the real estate market like, what are the visa requirements, how does the healthcare system work, is my money safe, how do I get access to the important things we will need to live there and much more?

For this reason, Autarchy has a partnered with “Make Medellin Yours” and actively participates in the form of information, free visa consultations, lectures and has proactively contributes to helping you get a real life “Relocation Tour”.

Make Medellin Yours is a Relocation Tours operator. The goal is to provide the most realistic possible impression of what it is like to live in Medellin and to be your network here during your transition. You will get the most comprehensive detailed information about visa regulations, healthcare, taxes, culture, living as an expat, and real estate during the relocation tour. You will learn how to get around the city using public transport. See different city districts, visit apartments in different neighborhoods with varying price ranges, make a trip to the beautiful surrounding area and meet emigrants and exchange ideas extensively. You can ask all your questions and receive personal advice for your specific situation from both Make Medellin Yours experts and other expats who have made the journey ahead of you.

Autarchy has brought in its five years of know-how and is convinced that there is no better preparation for emigration than a relocation tour. You can certainly get comprehensive information and read emigration reports on the Internet, but nothing can replace a personal experience.

The relocation tour offered by “Make Medellin Yours” is not a sales trick, no compensation for real estate or apartments are taking, or a tour of the city.

The focus is on offering you the best possible decision-making information for relocation and to experience firsthand if Medellin is for you. Our aim is not to convince you to relocate, but to resolve your concerns and uncertainties. If you would like to learn more feel free to visit their website at

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