Relocation Tour Colombia

Relocation Tour Colombia

More and more people are considering a move to Medellin, Colombia. The beautiful year-round spring-like climate, Quality of Life, nice people, low cost of living, and rich cultural history are several reasons why Colombia is the fourth most popular country to retire.

Leaving your own home country can be scary with many unanswered questions and should be considered carefully. We understand the uncertainties and fear that come with relocating overseas. That is why we have partnered with Make Medellin Yours, LLC to give foreigners information and the experience they need prior to making a decision to relocate or retire.

You can certainly get the first impression during a holiday stay, but too many important questions still remain unanswered. What is the real estate market like, what are the visa requirements, how does the healthcare system work, is my money safe, how do I get access to the important things we will need to live there, and much more?

For this reason, Autarchy has partnered with “Make Medellin Yours, LLC” and actively participates in the form of information, free visa consultations, legal considerations, and lectures that proactively contribute to helping you get all of your questions answered.

Make Medellin Yours, LLC is a legally registered company in the United States, and Make Medellin Yours, SAS is a legally registered company in Colombia as a licensed and insured Relocation Tour Operator headquartered in Medellin. They have 15+ years of combined experience in Medellin helping many people with their decision process, answering important questions helping them overcome pitfalls, and saving tons of money during the transition.

The goal of Make Medellin Yours is to provide real-life experience tours and prepare you with important details prior to your visit. Here you can get a head start with their “Medellin Online Relocation Guide” prior to your real-life experience tour.

Additionally, you can book appointments with their expert relocation specialists to help answer any question you have via private 1:1 video and phone calls. Schedule a Medellin Expert Relocation Specialist.

The Medellin Relocation Tour was designed to provide the most realistic possible impression of what it is like to live in Medellin. The MMY team is with you every step of the way here during your transition and after.

You will get the most comprehensive detailed information about visa options and regulations, healthcare, taxes, culture, living as an ex-pat, and real estate during the relocation tour. You will learn how to get around the city using public transport. See different city districts, visit apartments and houses in different neighborhoods with varying price ranges, and enjoy an excursion to a resort lake in the beautiful surrounding area. During the tour, you will meet emigrants and exchange ideas extensively. You can ask all your questions and receive personal advice for your specific situation from both Make Medellin Yours experts and other ex-pats who have made the journey before you while building a new network of friends and support.

Autarchy has brought in its five years of know-how and is convinced that there is no better preparation for emigration than a relocation tour. You can certainly get comprehensive information and read emigration reports on the Internet, but nothing can replace a personal experience.

The Medellin Relocation tour is not a sales trick, no compensation or commissions for real estate are taken. If you are interested in learning more or booking a tour visit their website here: If you are not ready to take the tour or the timeframes do not match your schedule you can purchase an “Online Guide” to get everything you need to know prior to your tour. Learn more here: and start your journey to Medellin.

The primary focus of Make Medellin Yours, LLC Tours and Relocation Guide services are to help you with the best possible decision-making information. We understand how stressful a relocation can be therefor we recommend to experience first hand if Medellin is for you. Our aim is not to convince you to relocate, but to resolve your concerns and uncertainties. If you would like to learn more feel free to visit their website.

Our simple 5-step approach to “preparing to relocate”

Step 1: You have many unanswered questions….. you want to find out more information and details about Medellin before you make the decision to travel to Medellin. You can start by purchasing the “Medellin Online Relocation Guide” from Make Medellin Yours, LLC. With 9 chapters and over 120 pages, you will find a lot of relevant information about Medellin and how to relocate. You will also get a private interview where you can discuss your personal questions about emigration with the author.

Buy the “Medellin Online Relocation Guide” click here:

Step 2: In the second step, we recommend the Make Medellin Yours “Real-Life Medellin Relocation Tour”. This tour is tailored to expats as described above. Nothing can replace a personal experience.
Whether you are looking at Medellin to Relocate, Retire, Invest, Vacation, or just experience the beautiful Colombian culture, the Medellin Relocation Tour has it all for you and will be there every step of the way.

Click here to learn more about what’s included:

Step 3: Contact a Make Medellin Yours relocation specialist to help you coordinate next steps, logistics, and bring you the most up to date insight and critical information about Medellin. You will also learn the secrets and important tips that could save you Thousands of dollars and potential heart ache.

Schedule a Medellin expert: SCHEDULE HERE

Step 4: Rent an apartment short-term “e.g. AirBnB” for a period of time that is right for you. We suggest a minimum of two-four weeks. During this time, “Make Medellin Yours” is with you every step of the way and will support with anything you need including language teachers, navigating Medellin, become part of our network of ex-pats, dance lessons, great places to eat, excursions and hidden treasures to explore, and much more. Of course, we are always available for you in emergencies and will help you if necessary.

Step 5: You make the decision to emigrate to Colombia or not. “Make Medellin Yours” is also here to help and advise you after your move. You will be part of our network as it continues to grow and flourish. As part of our network, you will find English-speaking service providers such as dentists, insurance agents, accountants, tax experts, visa consultants, lawyers, and much more.

These 5-steps are a simple proven approach for those considering Medellin. Everyone has different requirements, expectations, hopes, and ideas. With the 5-step approach, and Make Medellin Yours, you don’t have to worry we have your back.

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