Money transfer

Money transfer

A foreigner who does not yet have a Colombian identity card (Cédula) can usually not open a bank account in Colombia. However, in order to apply for an investor visa, money must first be transferred to Colombia.

Autarchy SAS works with Alianza Valores; this is a nationwide trust company. At Alianza Valores you can’t just go to the counter and open an account. We will make an appointment for you or put you in touch by email. Alianza Valores will sometimes check the origin of the money you want to transfer. Experience shows that opening an account can take a good 2 weeks, in individual cases even more.

If you want to transfer a larger sum (approx. From USD 8,000) to Colombia, a law firm should fill out the form of the Colombian National Bank. The money transfer is now registered. For example, it must be stated on the form what the money will be used for. In individual cases, the migration authorities can request confirmation from the National Bank when applying for a visa, in order to see whether the money transfer for the purchase of a property or for the establishment of a company or other investment has been properly registered. If the money transfer is not registered, the Colombian bank account may be frozen and the account holder may need months to get his money back. If you want to transfer a larger amount to Colombia, we strongly recommend that you choose the formally correct process. A short telephone consultation is free of charge. We are happy to support you with larger money transfers, the opening of an account at Alianza Valores and take care of the forms for you.

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