Legal advice

Legal advice

Autarchy always works for the interest and well-being of our clients, always accompanying and looking for the best solution to their problems, we have a team of legal professionals and a wide portfolio of services.

We will be happy to advise you on:

Commercial law:

• Creation and registration of companies

• Creation and registration of branches

• Statutory reforms

• Commercial contracts

• Preparation of securities

• Dissolution and liquidation of companies

Family law:

• Marriage and marital capitulations

• Divorces

• De facto marital unions

• Marital partnership or patrimonial partnership between permanent partners

• Permits to Exit the Country for Minors

• Affection of family home

• Unattachable family patrimony

Civil law:

• Preparation and review of contracts

• Reconciliations

• Promises and contracts of sale

• Study of titles

• Successions due to death

• Wills

• Civil liability and insurance

Criminal procedures:

We provide advice and support in the corresponding procedures, addressed to the judicial and Police authorities.

• Procedures before courts, prosecutors, National Police.

• Update page records of the judicial branch.

• Peace and safe from the judicial authorities.

• Procedure to update the citizenship card on the web.

Additional services:

• Apostille and legalization service of any Colombian document.

• Translation of texts and apostilles with official translators

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