Company Founding

Company foundation

In order to conduct business, most of our customers set up a stock company, a so-called SAS. Basically, there is no minimum capital, i.e., a share capital of 100,000 COP (30 USD 20 EUR) is sufficient. However, if you want to apply for an investor visa with a company, a minimum capital of around 100 million COP is required, which corresponds to around USD 27,000 or EUR 25,000. This amount is paid into the company account and is freely available there. It is not blocked in any way.

In addition to the articles of association, we create an opening balance sheet signed by an Colombian CPA, create the share certificate, create the minutes, apply for the provisional and definitive tax number and have the company entered in the commercial register and chamber of industry. We also support with the mandatory registration of the bank transfer with the National Bank in Colombia (F4 form) to issue the share capital.

When founding a company, it is important to us that the statutes and business activities are as broad as possible and tailored to the customer. In addition to our fee, a fee must be paid to the commercial register, and this depends on the amount of the share capital. With a share capital of 100 million, the fee is approximately 1,500,000 COP (420 USD 400 EUR). Under normal conditions (without lock-down), it will take about 2 weeks to set up a company.

On request, we can also take care of the bookkeeping, tax declaracion and the related official reports, such as VAT or billing with the social services. This is discussed individually with the customer (see also bookkeeping).

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