She was born on November 10, 1990

I am a lawyer graduated from Universidad Católica Luis Amigó. I became a conciliator with the purpose of using the mechanism of conciliation to generate a cultural change in the way of resolving conflicts in a peaceful way.

I worked in the Fiscalía General de la Nación, where I carried out my duties in judicial defense, working with everything related to administrative lawsuits. Furthermore, I worked in contract management with everything related to recruitment processes by giving support in the execution of the bidding conditions, addenda, evaluation of the offers, publication of the documents in the Secop website, administrative resolutions, minutes of the contracting committees, and giving answers to the guardianships and rights of petition submitted to the agency.

I have served as a victim advocate, representing victims in homicide, personal injury and domestic violence cases. Since 2017,  I have been providing brand counseling services to several companies.

I am characterized for being a responsible plus a demanding person, very creative and a good leader for managing projects. I am highly committed and adapt to change easily; besides I keep good interpersonal relationships by  favouring teamwork.