The Origin of the term is from the Greek autárkēs (self-sufficient). It can, for example, describe persons, organizations, departments in companies, etc., who can act autonomously and independently. Especially in regions and countries in which the aspect of economic independence comes to the fore.

Autarchy focuses on absolute professionalism, independence and customer's needs. We want to offer the best solutions and pursue your goals. A satisfied customer is our success. Our employees and partners are carefully selected and highly specialised. One of Autarchy strengths lies on its multilingualism. You can communicate with us in German, English and Spanish. Autarchy is well-connected in Colombia, Europe and the United States and finds solutions for each individual’s needs. The business founder is Swiss and brings the Swiss virtues with him such as punctuality, accuracy, meticulousness, seriousness and discretion into the corporate culture. Autarchy wants to convince through quality and not quantity. With Autarchy, the customer has a reliable business partner who offers the customer a service according to his wishes, this can go from simple information to all-round service.